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11 Years Old (98% AS Mathematics)

Exams: A measure of effort vs A measure of achievement

Standardised tests have been cemented into education systems across the globe as a way to access a student’s knowledge and level of understanding. The obsession with test scores comes at the expense of learning because students memorise facts rather than understand them.

Our Aim

Our aim is to develop a child’s skills not only academically, but also their character and understanding of multiple cultures which will help when leaving education and starting their professional careers. We accomplish all this with highly skilled tutors.

The benefits of teacher collaboration:

  • New Teaching Methods
  • Less Teacher Isolation
  • More Creative Lesson Plans

Small Class Sizes

Classes are made of small focused groups of maximum of 5 students per tutor. This means students receive greater attention and support from their tutors to help improve academically. Students will also be able to learn alongside students from other schools and backgrounds to create an educational support network and connections that will last a lifetime.

Encourage peer-to-peer learning to:

  • Build an active and cooperative learning environment.
  • Encourage students to give and receive feedback and evaluate each others’ learning.
  • Promote positive interdependence and accountability.
  • Increase participation, motivation and student engagement.
  • Improve communication skills, achievement and productivity.
  • Promote ownership of learning and deeper understanding of new concepts.

Private Classes

We also offer one-to-one tuition for those that require additional support. These flexible classes will give students the opportunity to learn without distraction and receive the assistance they may need.

INtuition offers tuition in a range of subjects.

Don’t see a subject that you are interested in learning?

Contact us and we’ll do our best to organize a tutor for your child!