Director & Founder

After completing a Mathematics degree and faced with what to do next, after much soul searching I surprised myself with a desire to make a difference and be remembered the same way I remembered my own teachers.

I have been teaching mathematics for the last 25 years at Garden International School, British School Manila and The Alice Smith School where I have enjoyed teaching a vast array of students to achieve their educational goals. In my last 10 years I have specialized in teaching additional mathematics and students in my class have attained the ‘Top of the World’ award from Cambridge Examinations Board as well as 87 A* grades consecutively.

During my time at Garden School and Alice Smith I was a Head of Year 11 for 15 years, looking after the social welfare and academic progress of the students. Preparing them for IGCSE examinations and delivering many options for their future.

I firmly believe that all students have the potential to substantially improve their mathematical ability through a safe environment, where mistakes are seen as a necessity to improve. I strongly believe students excel when they have a great teacher student bond, receive well planned, innovative lessons and show a desire to succeed.

I believe that hard work and perseverance, and the ability to laugh when we make a mistake is key for students to overcome any obstacle.


English Tutor

Stefan grew up at a British boarding school in Switzerland, amongst fellow students from over 60 different countries. He went on to study French & German at St Peter’s College, Oxford. After obtaining his CELTA from International House, London ten years ago, Stefan has taught English in five different countries In addition to working at INtuition, he is a former music journalist, occasional poet, and absentee author.

English should be a home to all who speak it, as well as a key to the modern world.


Director Homeschool / Science & Maths Tutor

Kevin Panirsilvam has a long history of success in the fields of science and math. A National physics & chemistry merit holder in 2009, he represented his school at New South Wales. Kevin has a Bachelor of Engineering / Telecommunication from the University of Malaya. He has been a Huawei certified network associate and impressively a ROBOCON semi-final runner up as well.

Knowing how to learn is a crucial step in one’s pedagogical growth. Kevin emphasises that development is making connections between what we already know and the new information we receive. He stresses that it is important to consider the many ways we can use our newly acquired knowledge to help connect the dots, thus providing a lasting improvement on one’s educational ability. Kevin is keenly aware of the critical importance of adjusting the lesson to the specific needs, abilities, values and objectives of each learner and he adjusts this teaching approach accordingly.

Just as two parallel lines never intersect, learning should never end. When we learn something, it’s ours forever. It becomes part of who we are and our capacity for growth increases.


Mandarin Tutor

Miss Zhang Rui is from XinYang, Henan Province, China. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts from Henan Normal University, where she majored in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. She excels in adapting her lessons to suit the specific needs of her learners. Miss Zhang, maintains an English Language Proficiency of CET6 and thrives on the global opportunities that language learning has afforded her.

After attending the Chinese Volunteer Teachers’ Training in NanKai University, she selflessly offered her services as a volunteer teacher of Mandarin in Nepal for several years. In her spare time, Miss Zhang loves to practice traditional Chinese Calligraphy and looks for any opportunity to expand her horizons.

Zhang Rui attended the Confucius Institute, China who have endorsed INtuition.