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To provide homeschool families support and an opportunity to be a part of a small, caring community. We will strive to enhance your child’s education and offer additional learning opportunities. Providing customised learning solutions, giving the student a chance to accelerate through the curriculum and sit for his or her exams at a time when they are ready.


We are blessed with a group of passionate and dedicated teachers who coach and guide all grades. We believe that the teacher-student relationship is a crucial factor in the educational journey. This has created an ideal environment where students enjoy exploring their passions and interests and follow a curriculum of their choice based on their strengths and their learning pace. Every course is taught by motivated and dedicated teachers. One of my greatest challenges is finding the exact teacher that fits our requirements. I strongly believe in the teacher-student relationship being key to how a student progresses academically and emotionally. We have the desired ‘chemistry’. For me it is important that a student feels this is the best teacher for me.
– Steven Shorthose, Founder


Parents are aware of the need for quality education for their children in today’s competitive environment. Through the support of our Mont Kiara community, our homeschool has experienced rapid growth over the last 2 years. We are committed to helping and guiding students to be more self-confident, grow in character and increase their passion for learning and most of all smile. Happy students make Happy families.


In schools, class sizes can range from anywhere from 18 to 35 students, meaning teachers having to split their time equally between 4 to 7 groups of 5 students. Given the choice, all teachers would prefer and be more productive with one group of 5 students where they would be directing and facilitating that group 100% of the time.

Our school has a maximum of 5 students in a class. The class will never increase above this teacher-student ratio. The smaller class density means teachers focus on your child. The student participation is vastly increased with low class sizes.

What makes Intuition different?​

Why we should reduce class size | Mark Waller | TEDxYouth@MBJH​

Such class sizes will ensure more detailed care and attention by the teacher with the student. The teachers are also more invested individually to ensure that a student succeeds. Small classes allow students to receive extra help, especially those who are struggling. The focused attention allows for all students to excel rather than fall behind.

Students feel more secure in smaller classes. With less judgement and a greater trust, students feel more comfortable taking academic risks, offering opinions and answering questions. The reflection and discussion that follows this, allows for greater understanding and growth. Increased student participation means active learning and translates to higher achievement.

Small classes allow Finnish students to receive extra help, especially those who are struggling. The focused attention allows for all students to excel rather than fall behind.


  • Academic flexibility. Customised for your child whether he or she is gifted, behind, creative, conventional, challenging, quiet, active or passive
  • Parents choice of pace and approach
  • Homework assignments that work for your child
  • Prioritising a child’s mental, emotional, behavioural and physical health
  • Family environment the best foundation for social development and establishing values
  • Efficient learning, low student-teacher ratio
  • Happier students 🙂 meaning happier families
We are open 52 weeks a year minus public holidays. This allows for, potentially, double the amount of learning time that a school offers. It also allows parents to plan their holidays when it suits them not at given school holidays.
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