1. Written Level by Level with the Syllabus as Its Basis

The HSK test is made up of six levels. Based on the result of our study and analysis, we’ve summed up the focuses, difficulties, language points, topics, functions and situations etc. for each book, while sticking to the vocabulary required in the syllabus, systematically defined the scope and class hours for each level. The specifics are as follows:

Books, Object Vocabulary & Class Hours needed for HSK 1 to 6

The design observes the idea of International Chinese Education, with attention paid to the general applicability and practical use of the course books. Educational institutions in China and outside can decide the time span for each book referring to the number of class hours suggested above. For example, it is suggested Book 1 be finished in 34 class hours, so it will take one month with eight class hours devoted to it per week or two months with four class hours per week, etc. Generally speaking, students can pass Level 1 test after finishing Book 1 and Level 2 test after finishing Book 2, so on and so forth.

2. Each Textbook is Supported by a Workbook of Exercises Matching the HSK Test

In order to familiarise learners with the question types of HSK, the workbooks at all levels provide the exact same types of exercises, arranged in the same order and structure also, with the content focused on the specific lesson. In this way, learners will get familiar with HSK by using the course books alone rather than spending extra time in trying to get used to the form of the test.

3. Independent Communicative Exercises Serving the Need for Taking the HSK Oral Test

The HSK oral test is independent from the written test. To develop students’ ability of oral expression, every lesson in the course provides communicative exercises including pair work and group work to prepare learners for the oral test.

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