Camps: 2 & 4 Week

Commencement Date: To be announced

Schedule: Lower & Upper Junior

Course outline for:
Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate

Special course: Junior TOEFL includes reading, listening, speaking and writing for students to speak in academic environment. The TOEFL Junior test measures English Language Proficiency allowing assessment for learning (AFL) and directed lessons.Vocabulary: Students will learn various types of words, expressions and phrases which will help them best describe something when speaking in groups and in writing classes. They will be given a spelling test on weekly basis to test their knowledge and understanding and review their progress.

Grammar: Students will learn English Grammar and parts of speech which will hone their writing and speaking skills and this will be supported with homework assignments.

Reading Comprehension: Students will be exposed to various types of short stories and comprehension questions. It will improve their abilities to read out loud and to learn various tones in pronunciation.

Writing: Students will learn various writing styles such as persuasive, narrative, descriptive and expository.

Speaking: Students will learn various speaking topics such as food and drinks, movies, hobbies, social media and etc.

The students will be given many fun activities to help them learn these skills.

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