What We Offer?




INtuition offers a comprehensive, interactive curriculum for your child, incorporating age-appro- priate instruction and the flexibility to spend more time focusing on a weaker area or to accelerate when your child has understood a concept with relative ease. Classes are personalised, allowing you to follow a schedule that works for your family and plan your child’s school experience.

INtuition has a smaller operation allowing parents to discuss any concerns at anytime, giving a far more intimate and responsive environment which benefits the student and gives peace of mind to parents

Certified Teachers

Every INtuition course is taught by a certified teacher, invested in the student’s success. Teachers provide direct instruction through online live lessons during this pandemic season and are available for individual 1:1 support. Parents, students, and teachers have regular interaction, helping to keep students engaged and ensuring parents remain integral players in their child’s educational journey.
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INtuition provides students and families with personalised support including academic support, course placements and college / career planning.


• Academic flexibility. Customised for your child whether he or she is ahead, behind, strong-willed, creative, challenging, quiet, gifted or active.

  • Parents choice of pace and approach
  • Homework assignments that work for your child
  • Prioritising a child’s mental, emotional, behavioural and physical health.
  • Family environment the best foundation for social development as well as establishing values
  • Efficient learning, low student-teacher ratio