INtuition International Tuition Centre

Our homeschool programme is a new school programme that focuses on the core subjects. Other subjects will be chosen by the student and parents. Classes will start from Year 1 to Year 11.

The majority of students have a difference of 5 years in ability between their best and worst subjects by the age of 10.

Homeschool Time Table, Year 1 to Year 11

The “BREAD & BUTTER” of education are the core subjects!

Each week students could have 15 hours of lessons which can be divided into the following examples:

One Example:

  1. Mathematics – 6 hours
  2. English – 4.5 hours
  3. Science – 4.5 hours
    Emphasis on Core Subjects

The above structure is almost double the time allocated by schoolsfor core subjects.

Another Example:

  1. Mathematics – 3 hours
  2. English – 3 hours
  3. Science – 3 hours
  4. ICT – 1.5 hours
  5. History – 1.5 hours
  6. Geography – 1.5 hours
  7. Languages – 1.5 hours

HYPOTHETICALLY: Alex can sign up for 3 hours per week per subject for English, Mathematics and Science (Core Subjects). He may choose to take 1.5 hours / week of ICT, History, Geography and a Language. This will complete Alex’s classes of 15 hours / week. If Evan were to sign up in the same year group, he would join Alex for Core subjects and would also be able to choose any four additional subjects. With the flexibility to choose different subjects or add in additional hours per subject.

INtuition can customise learning, giving the student a chance to accelerate through the curriculum and sit for his or her exams at a time when they are ready. Please note this could be for January, May or October entry.