After School & Weekend Activities

Pick & Mix! A combination of Outdoor & After School Activities. (To resume after the CMCO)

We have teamed up with external providers to design a ‘Pick & Mix’ program perfectly tailored to your child’s needs.

We have found that a maximum group size of 4, is both safe and impactful. We encourage you to decide on a combination of after school and outdoor weekend activities and we will create a fun and educational package for your child’s group.

In-House Activities (After School)

  • Art & Craft
  • Yoga for kids
  • Speech and Drama
  • Smash Art
  • Fun Activities & Board Games
  • Watercolor Florals & Landscape
  • DIY Bath Bombs
  • DIY Felt Flower Wreath
  • Modern Calligraphy
  • Advance DIY
  • Shake your body (Dance)
  • Construction & Lego building
  • Gardening
  • Aromatherapy wax sachets
  • Candle Making

Outdoor Activities (Only on weekends)

  • Tennis (After School or Weekends)
  • Kayaking (2 hours)
  • Hiking (4 hours)
  • Mountain Biking (4 hours)

Wilderness Outdoorsman

  • Wilderness Camping Fundamental (2 hrs)
  • Pack Packing (EDC, Survival Kit, 72hours BOB, Camping) (3hrs)
  • Tent & Fly Pitching (3hrs)
  • Sanitation & Waste Disposal (3hrs)
  • Cooking Methods (3hrs)
  • Outdoor Ethic – Leave no trace (3hrs)
  • Knot Management (3hrs)
  • Navigation (4hrs)
  • Fire Building (3hrs)
  • Meteorology Weather Observation (3hrs)

Wilderness Survivalist

  • Survival & Disaster Mode (3hrs)
  • Fishing (4hrs)
  • Building Green House Concepts for Sustainable Life (6hrs)
  • Animal Trap Making (3hrs)
  • Archery Target Shooting (2hrs)
  • Outdoor Risk Management (4hrs)

Wilderness Bushcrafter

  • Tools & Equipment Handling (Knife, Axe, Saw & Power Drill) (4hrs)
  • Wild Gourmet Cooking (4hrs)
  • Making Containers from Natural Resources (4hrs)
  • Advance Fire Making (Traditional Way) (4hrs)

  • Food Preserving Techniques (3hrs
  • Net Making (3hrs)
  • Making Natural Shelters (6hrs)
  • Bamboo Furniture Making (6hrs)

For more information
WhatsApp: +60197257006 or Email: [email protected]