“In schools’ , class sizes can range anywhere from 18 to 35 students, meaning teachers having to split their time equally between 4 to 7 groups of 5 students. Given the choice all teachers would prefer and be more productive with one group of 5 students where they would be with the one group directing and facilitating 100% of the time”.

Steven Shorthose

This scenario would lead to faster learning and every student getting the attention required to excel. Students and teachers would share certain things like a pantry and common area. An ideal learning environment would be a place where students enjoy more free time to research their passions and interests and follow a curriculum of their choice based on their strengths and needs.

Homework to be completed during school hours and students perusing their interests out of school, in a way that suits them best or simply having family time without the worry of homework in the back of their mind seems far better for happier students.

Happier Students Make Better Learners!