Schools prescribe. You fit into their system
Ours is tailor-made, we fit into yours

Our homeschool program is a new school program that focuses on the core subjects. Other subjects will be totally chosen by the student and parents. The school will have a maximum of 5 students in a class. The class will never increase above this teacher student ratio.

Classes will start from Year 1 to Year 11 and each centre will be located in a very convenient location in each local district. Our first centre is in the heart of Mont Kiara with it’s own small drop off road and free car parking.

The majority of students have a difference of 5 years in ability between their best and worst subjects by age 10. Our class sizes will ensure more detailed care and attention by the teacher with the student. There isn’t any teacher who would choose to teach class sizes of 24 students and above. Our timetable will closely follow the hugely successful Finnish* system and leave testing at key stages and levels of homework up to the parents and students. Classes will also follow their 45 mins teaching and 15 minutes break ensuring students are fresh and following studies that after 45 minutes students retention levels begin to reduce.

* Small classes allow Finnish students to receive extra help, especially those who are struggling. The focused attention allows for all students to excel rather than fall behind.

The Road To Better Education

When we think about how far education has come over the years, we are both encouraged by the progress and overwhelmed by the possibilities of what is in store for the future.