Why Us?

INtuition offers a variety of corporate training courses. Our Corporate Trainers focus on professional development and programmes that are designed with the aim to improve learning and skills development of individuals. In order to bring continuous improvement in performance and efficacy within an organisation.

What We Do.

We equip your sales and front of house staff with the skills to communicate in English proficiently in order to boost sales, increase customer satisfaction and reduce employee turnover. This will allow your organisation to increase profitability and guarantee long term success in sustaining a competitive advantage.

Whether you are looking to boost public speaking confidence, improve writing skills or refine management skills for your personnel or organization, INtuition has the solution for all your needs. Explore our comprehensive range of courses that are customized and designed to be variable in length so our clients can tailor the course to their existing English language ability which is tested regularly via the Oxford University Press to allow you to monitor progress. We aim to provide a holistic experience through blended learning to allow participants to learn a variety of skills through the course as well as be monitored online through assessments.

Why INtuition?

At INtuition we will tailor the course content to relate directly to their work experience, in order for participants to achieve through a greater understanding of their specific working environment. We are proud to introduce a series of Corporate Training Courses at Intuition which are designed to improve students’ general language skills whilst also introducing them to the English terminologies they are likely to use in a professional capacity.

Our competitively priced and professionally delivered packages include customized course design to ensure that no time is wasted and the participants focus precisely on what they need, needs analysis, performance assessments and progress reports through the Oxford University Press. Participants will also have the opportunity to undergo training in the form of written assessments, role-play and discussions covering a range of different areas specific to their industry.

Additional Benefits!

Through our connection with Berjaya, we have the unique opportunity to allow participants to travel to Tioman Island where they will be able to undergo a variety of activities and challenges both in the outdoors and within the facilities, these experiences will help your organisation to have staff that are both leaders and able to work effectively in their team. They will also be exposed to both Eastern and Western cultures as they will be led by experienced professionals from around the world, providing them further knowledge of colloquialisms and the opportunity to develop English proficiency. Participants would be divided into smaller groups to ensure the development of effective communication and allow each person to receive the best support and guidance available to them.