Right Steps

Focus on what may be the next right step on your path into that unknown future. If you do not feel confident about what you want to do in the short term, and how this could affect your future options, then taking a gap year may be worth considering. You may well find your ideas become clearer.

A well-executed gap year can clarify your choices and give you a wide variety of skills allowing you to mature as a student. It could also help you save money and make you a more attractive candidate.

Focus On

  • Self-Development
  • Work Experience
  • Community Service
  • University Mentorship
  • Interview Skills With Practice Interviews
  • Profile Building
  • Creating CVs
  • Travel

Industry Experts

STILL confused – we will have a range of ex-university scholars share their experiences and opinions to help you make the right choices…

  • Oxbridge Students
  • Q & A Sessions
  • Presentation Nights
  • Reference Guidance

Steven Shorthose (Founder of INtuition) has also guided and coordinated students getting into the top overseas schools and universities for over 10 years

Cost Comparison

Average cost varies from 80K to 102K per year, which adds up to RM160K to 204K until completion

Average cost for the entire duration RM112K